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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our "New" Budget

For the next few months I plan on trying to keep my family on a budget of approximately $2000 a month. Some people may look at this and say "It's not possible" or maybe they are on the other end of the spectrum saying "You should already be doing this". I have two reasons for trying this: 1) pay down debt and 2) start a savings account.

Piggy and I have been together for almost 2 years... We have yet to start and keep a savings account. We had to close our last one when complications arose in my last pregnancy and I was forced to be on strict bedrest for 10 weeks. I was planning on working at least through my 36th week to help build the account for emergencies.

This is how I hope things will work out:
$500 - rent
$500 - debt
$250 - utilities (water, electricity, cable, phone, internet)
$120 - cell phone
$300 - groceries
$300 - gas and Piggys cigarettes (YUCK!)
$2000 TOTAL

Right now our take home income is well above this amount. Whatever extra we have will go directly into a savings account. I am also looking into ways to lower our costs. I have managed to get my electric bill down to $81 (I know this will go up once summer hits). I will be calling the cell phone company soon to lower our bill. We recently got a home phone so I think I can cut down drastically on our minutes.

Piggy doesn't know about this budget yet because he has been at work for the last week. Wish me luck!! ;)

About Me...

I am a SAHM to two beautiful children ages 3 and 1. My daughter attends school during the week so that leaves my son and I on our own. My son has been diagnosed as being developmentally delayed and having sensory processing disorder. We have 2 therapists that come to our house through the Early Steps program. We also go to speech and occupational therapy at Women's and Children's Hospital. We are hoping that through early intervention he will catch up to his peers and hopefully overcome a lot of his symptoms.
My significant other is often away from home majority of the week. Things get hard but I always try and remember that God doesn't give you more than He thinks you can handle!

Just a run down of who I will be talking about:
Piggy = SO
Adi = DD