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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Backwards WFMW

This week is a backwards themed edition of Works For Me Wednesday. We are supposed to post about a dilemma we have. This is my dilemma:

Do you see it???

Look a little closer, notice what's missing?!

Now, we rent so I don't have many options.

I would love to try out this option:

But I have a feeling that wouldn't go over so well with the breakables.

There are also these two options:

The smaller of the two isn't very practical.

The bigger, I tried that but I ended up redoing everything.

I guess for the time being I'll just have to do it myself won't I?
BTW: If you haven't figured it out, we don't have a dishwasher! :)


  1. I thought that IS what a mother is....

  2. I so understand!! I don't have a dishwasher either! I have my 8 year old do it...but he has to rewash almost half of the dishes. I agree that it is easier to just do it myself.

  3. You could try a portable dishwasher. We rented the last place we lived and the guys before us convinced our landlord (who was very generous in general) to buy one for the house. It was great because it also acted as extra counter space in our very small kitchen and we just rolled it over to the sink when it was time to wash. So easy! Maybe worth buying yourself and selling when you leave.

  4. I am the dishwasher at my house too. You could have your oldest do everything but the breakables and then you do those. THat is what I do with Tori. I will warn you though even my 10 year old does not get them clean enough so I have to do them again. By the way my dh does not do it either.

  5. Get this: when my mom and dad remodeled their kitchen, they REMOVED the dishwasher. "Cupboard space is so much better!" she says!

    okay. I'll wait until you're all done rolling on the floor in disbelieving laughter.

    So, growing up with that kind of mentality ingrained in me, I'm a girl who has a drainer on my counter AND a nicely working dishwasher. The drainer is filled and emptied at least 3-4 times daily; the dishwasher about every other day. Go figure.

  6. Ugh! My hubs and I spent the first 4 years of our marriage without a dishwaser. I HATE washing dishes by hand, so I reached a little compromise with myself. We used paper plates 3 nights a week. Not the best thing environmentally, I know. But we recycled them. Also, we used plastic cups a lot of the time. That way we could rinse them out after having something to drink. =) Good luck!

  7. After 9 years of living without one....I found a used portable dishwasher on Craigslist for $50. It paid for itself (in my opinion) in the 1st week. Keep checking Craigslist in your area....I've seen them for $50-$100. WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can always put it back on Craigslist when you move from your current rental!

  8. I make dishwashing time do double-duty by propping a magazine on the windowsill above the sink so I can read while washing. You need to have magazines that fold flat so they don't keep closing and falling over--I like Harper's and Nutrition Action. Or if you have a cookbook holder, you could use that.

    Re: EmilyB: I have never heard of a recycling program that would accept paper plates with food on them. Read your program guidelines, and if they don't say they take paper plates, assume they don't.