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Monday, July 6, 2009

Bank Issues

My gosh my bank is stressing me out. I have had a fraud alert placed on my account 3 times in the past two months. While I am very thankful they have their eye out for me I think they should notify me when something like this happens. I shouldn't have to wait until I am on E and trying to put gas to realize my debit card doesn't work. I shouldn't have to have my card declined at the grocery store with a basket full of groceries and three small children.

Well after I got those three issues straightened out guess what I did. I lost my card :( I really think I threw it away on accident. We went to Wal-Greens to pick up my medicine. When you go through the drive-thru and pay with a debit card they put it in an envelope like you get at the bank and staple it to your medicine. Apparently when I got home I pulled off the prescription information sheet and took the medicine out of the bag. Then I threw away the receipt, bag and of course my debit card.

Hopefully the problem is fixed. I called the bank and they deactivated my card. They told me I had another card activated that had never been used. Last time I had a fraud alert they were supposed to have cancelled all cards except the one I was currently using. Not sure why they had more than one card issued to me anyways. Now I'm just waiting for my new card to come in. Until then I'll just use Chet's ;)

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  1. I feel your pain! We recently had some fraudulant activity and got it all straightened out but now one of the tellers at the Scott branch of our bank always gives me the evil eye and didn't believe my signature was my own the other day in the drive-thru. And I NEARLY threw my new debit card away in my CVS bag last time I got a prescription!!