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Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan 2/16-2/20

Monday: spaghetti ~ I plan on making a BIG pot. Some for tonight, some for tomorrow, and some will be frozen for after baby (or when I get too lazy to cook)

Tuesday: leftovers ~ Adi has dancing

Wednesday: something on the go ~ going meet Piggy at the airport, ssshhhhh it's a surprise

Thursday: homemade hot wings with carrots and celery sticks

Friday: crockpot something or other ~ It's parent teacher conference day so that means no school. Add that to the 3 days Adi will be home next week for Mardi Gras and that's a 6 day weekend! After I go to her conference I need to go do some blood work and get my Rhogam shot, yeah fun day, I know........

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