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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Okay so...... I haven't been 'grocery' shopping since the end of May. Other than bread, milk, diapers, fruits and veggies we haven't gone!! Needless to say it's slim pickings!! This week we will try and use up what's in the freezer and I'll make a big 'meat' trip this weekend! :)

I have TONS of cereal so breakfast for this week will be CEREAL AND MILK!!!!

Lunch will be made with whatever is on hand.

Monday- baked chicken

Tuesday- porkchops rice & gravy

Wednesday- leftovers

Thursday- sausage rice & gravy

Friday- crawfish etoufee

Like I said it's slim pickings!! Hopefully next week will be better!!!!
For more menu planning ideas check out Menu Plan Monday hosted by!


  1. Still sounds like a great menu :)

    Have a wonderful Monday!


    Menu Plan

  2. "Shopping since the end of May?" Are you kidding? I'm so jealous, way to go! Have a blessed week and fun on your trip to the market.

  3. I'm with Kristie on this one, I'd love to be able to say I hadn't been shopping since May. (Hubby would love it even more, lol). AT some point, share your secrets with us! :)

    Have a great week, for 'slim pickings' it sure does look good to me.

  4. Wow! Haven't shopped since May and still being able to put together a good menu. Great job :)