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Monday, July 14, 2008

Time for Cleaning!

So, I have decided to tackle this mess of a house we are living in. I had some inspiration from Strawberry Blonde at Shack on the Rocks.

The first room I will work on is my kitchen. It may take me more than one day to get everything in order!! I am a little embarassed posting these pictures but I figured maybe I can 'embarass myself' into keeping it clean!!

The 'short cabinet' as we call it is the catch all area for EVERYTHING!! It's the first available space when you walk in the house so whatever is in your hands usually ends up there. Oh, and I have to mention.. Don't you just LOVE the paneling!! Not me, but we rent so there's really nothing I can do about it! :(

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  1. Oh Victoria, I feel your pain. We have a "short cabinet" also, except that ours is tall! It is the landing spot for all things that come through the door. I've been thinking about doing a blog about the same thing and now you've inspired me to get on track. I'll post my kitchen pictures tonight!!