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Monday, May 19, 2008

"Honey Do List"

Piggy made a surprise visit last night. The job he was working on decided they wanted to start work Wednesday morning. He made the trip home thinking he would leave Tuesday night after the kids went to bed. Well......... as always, that isn't the case. They called this evening to let him know they are having a safety meeting at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Instead of leaving tonight he decided he will leave early tomorrow morning.

I'm bummed he has to leave but while he was home I did manage to get a few things scratched off my honey do list!! :) I finally convinced him to build me a square foot garden. We altered it a little bit so it's not exactly "square feet" but hey, it works for us!!

We put lattuce *sp?* in the back because we planted some cucumbers and they needed something to climb! We also planted some tomatoes, purple hull peas, and a few different herbs. My step-dad also gave me a barrel he cut in half to use as planters. I have two tomato plants that will go in there tomorrow. I need to drill holes in the barrels and of course the drill was dead!!

We also got some flower seeds for my daughter to plant in front of her playhouse. I sure hope they grow! I was thinking I would give them a while and if nothing happened I would send her away for a few hours and plant some actual flowers in the planters! Shame on me!

While I am posting pictures I just have to say I love the table Piggy built for me a few weeks back! Love it love it love it love it!!!

It's the third thing he has ever built out of wood. The first two were children's picnic benches. I think he did a darn good job! If you're reading this THANK YOU!! :)


  1. Hi! it's eli's momma from acadianamoms. why do you call your dh piggy? that's too funny!

  2. Your little girl is so cute. i wish I could get hubby to do honey dos. He never gets it done.