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Saturday, May 17, 2008

It's Saturday!

Soooooo... yeah, I forgot to post last night! I went to a wedding and didn't get home until after midnight..

Piggy is gone again for no telling how long. I don't mind him working for long periods of time, I just like to know ahead of time how long he will be gone. I DO NOT like to be told "it will be 2-3 days. Then find out it's more like 2+ weeks!!

While he is gone I have to assume the role of mom and dad. Since he has been gone this has involved:
1) fixing a toddler bed
2) dealing with ants
3) family DRAMA
4) gardening duty *something I greatly DISLIKE*

It's only day 4... Seems like 1 problem each day!

I am trying to find out if Piggy has internet where he is. I took some pictures of his bell pepper plants and I would love to prove to him that I AM taking care of them!! :)

I think I will take a break from shopping next week. Unless something strikes me as a REALLY REALLY great deal, I'll pass. I don't think my CVS ECBS expire anytime soon so I should be good to go! I haven't even cut out my coupons from last weeks paper! I'm slacking, I know.. :(
Tomorrow I plan on going to a playdate at Girouard Park. I hope the kids and the weather cooperate! I even took some bread from my mom's house to feed to the ducks! Adi is SOO excited!

Until next time, bye bye!! :)

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